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We have noticed that new product introduction (NPI) practices have shifted drastically over the last decade as companies have picked up the pace of innovation to survive and prosper in the face of customer demands for greater performance at a lower price, increased global competition, and more stringent regulatory requirements.

Whether it’s for a brand new product being made for the first time, or something that has been built before elsewhere, the New Product Introduction (NPI) procedure is a key for Jemstech.

Accountability and superior customer satisfaction is provided by nothing being lost in the transition from the NPI/Proto process to the higher volume production process.

Our NPI process ensures that your NPI requirements will be managed and built by the same EMS Solutions team and equipment that will build your production volumes. This allows for a value-added process that ensures high quality and cost-effective product for our customers.


STEP 1 :

If you already have design schematics, we can review them specifically with an eye toward DFM/DFA, catching potential issues early in the manufacturing process, before they cost you valuable time and money.

STEP 2 :


A great concept and design will go nowhere if you can't procure the components in a timely and cost-effective manner or if critical processes and required tooling are not known up front.

We evaluate the following during this step:
•    Review your BOM for completeness and accuracy.
•    Identify parts with possible long lead times or possible obsolescence. 
•    Recommend alternate components that meet or exceed the required specification but can be delivered at a lower cost.
•    Identify any production processes (e.g. testing and integration) or equipment that could present challenges to completing the project and suggest workarounds.


STEP 3 :

We provide accurate prototype costing as well as full-scale production costing at different quantity break points so that you understand both near-term and long-term cost drivers.

STEP 4 :

We provide a tried and tested approach for NPI Projects. Our production specialist will oversee all stages associated with assembly. A file containing all the relevant process operations is created and accompanies each build, giving full traceability.


At each stage in the manufacturing process our production specialists make notes and observation, so that critical information can be incorporated into a report highlighting issues found during production to improve Design for Manufacturability (DFM) of your products. Our recommendations may include board layout changes that ensure rapid and accurate assembly of the product with zero defects, material and component suggestions that reduce unit cost and increase reliability.

STEP 5 :

 We inspect 100% of our prototype builds ensuring that you receive working product on-time, the first time and every time. Our testing capabilities include:

  • X-ray inspection that ensure BGA and leadless devices conform to IPC Class III specifications. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and visual inspection for shorts, missing or misplaced parts, etc.

  • All issues are logged, tracked, and directly communicated to the Customer.

Familiarity with the project during the NPI stages that allows for a rapid and smooth transition into full-scale production to meet both initial product introduction timeline and long-term volume commitments.


STEP 6 :
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