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Our people are the company. Jemstech has been built upon the tradition of pride in craftsmanship, mutual trust, personal integrity, respect, a spirit of teamwork, and a sense of family. We seek to enhance this culture as we grow.


We cultivate a high performance leadership style that embraces the attitudes of personal autonomy and empowerment; individual initiative and teamwork; employee involvement and continuous improvement; and open, non-defensive communication with constructive feedback for self-improvement. We always say “A straight talk has no insult”.




Offering ideas for improvements and new ideas is a philosophy we all share, a responsibility we all accept. We promote and reinforce an entrepreneurial spirit - a conviction that growth and continuous improvement is everyone's job.


We foster an organizational structure of self-managed teams and the development of personal skills that maximize our peoples' flexibility to respond to our customers on their own terms and commitment thereby ensuring we consistently outperform our competitors in the EMS industry.

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To inquire on current opportunities at Jemstech, send an email to

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