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We support our customers and their businesses by offering printed circuit board assembly processes from low cost through to high reliability.

We offer automatic and cellular manufacturing line configurations to service a wide range of volumes and product mixes.

Our production lines are flexible enough to handle the assembly from a single PCBA right up to high volume production.

We manufacture according to the requirements of IPC Class II and IPC Class III. Our continued committed to quality is underpinned by our IPC certifications, IPC-J-STD-001, IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC-J-7711/7721.



DFM-Design for Manufacturability


NPI- New Product Introduction


Assembly of complex / high density PCBA’s


Thru Hole Assembly


Automatic stencil printing with high speed deposit verification (HawkEye)


Cable Assembly and harnessing


Fine Pitch BGA


BGA Re-work


System Assembly and Integration


Flex Circuit Assemblies


Conformal Coating


Automatic x-ray inspection with failure analysis reporting and process verification


Inline automatic 3D optical inspection (AOI)



We provide system integration or “box build” that includes all the other assembly work involved in an electromechanical assembly, other than the production of the printed circuit board.


As part of our system integration we can assist customers with the following services


·       System level assembly

·       Product assembly

·       Sub-level product assembly

·       Serialization and labelling

·       Software installation

·       Product configuration

·       Warehousing

·       Order fulfilment

·       Packaging


We offer automated and semi-automated test systems by partnering with you, our customer to ensure your quality requirement is met. 


Our employees are incentivized around consistent defect reduction, and we believe that testing is a critical component to understanding root causes of defects.


We focus on returns avoidance. 


We also understand that our customers require a wide range of aftermarket warranty and non-warranty services including repair, replacement, and refurbishment.


Our repair capability includes advanced BGA rework and re-balling and our turnaround time can be customized to address your end-customer retention requirements.

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